Commissioned Update for
Pose Simulator

Since this site runs by the one-time payment system, I have less motivation to update completed games. So, here’s the deal. Show me that someone cares. Then I will adjust my plan to work on the commissioned items.

Brand new character is $100. Costume additions will be $50 or less.

No misunderstandings

  1. These aren’t item purchases for your private use. Results are available to everyone.
  2. I spend 50 hours per character, 10-20 hours per costume.

You can make suggestions. There are royalty-free costumes on, or You can browse those sites and suggest the costume you want to have in Pose Simulator.


(Click a title to sponsor the update)

1. More Hairs for Neve ($30) – open

They may look okay on thumbnails, but these hair models are a complete mess. It’s going to take a lot of effort from me to use them.

2. School Costume for Neve ($50) – open

This is just a test shot. Various improvements will be made to the real job.



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Alty Man
29 days ago

we should do make-up options for newer models (when someone can throw in the funds that is)

Stary Mango
1 month ago

What about buying new models from the site you used for the current ones and locking them behind a micro transaction? (Purchase this character for $5) as well as the custom ones?