About This Shop

Admin Email : [email protected]

VR Main Site : rockhardvr.com
Daily Developer Log : dailylog.myhtml5game.net


1. Why Early Access Store?

The reasons to buy on Early Access Shop are to

  1. Communicate with the developer, make suggestions for the finals.
  2. Quick access of beta patches after the completion of a game.
  3. Keep the access without monthly payments.

If the payment doesn’t work for you, I have alternative methods. Try VRporn or Patreon.


2. Supported Devices

  1. Oculus Quest 1,2
  2. Oculus Go

Oculus Go support was broken once by 2022-1-22 system update. After another system update, it is fixed now.

If you have any unsupported device and want to run the webxr games, first run the demo and consult the developer.

Hardware Guide (including PCVR and Android)


3.Refund Policy

  1. If this site as a whole fails to maintain its service and closed for any reasons, we’ll refund all payments made before 60 days of closure.
  2. If any Early Access game fails to release as a completed game, we’ll refund all payments made for that specific game.
  3. Mistaken Purchases – If you have purchased by a mistake (cases like wrong item or unsupported hardware), it’ll be refunded. Contact by email as quickly as possible.

Other than that, due to the traits of adult gaming purchases, refund is not provided for the customer’s change of mind.


4. Privacy and Security

  1. This site supports only Social Login for safety. We don’t keep your password of Social Account.
  2. We get your name and email. Your email is not displayed publicly anywhere. You can change the info here if you want to.
  3. This site doesn’t keep your payment information.


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Dinozor Fat
4 months ago

postal code canada not accepted

5 months ago

Why paypal?

5 months ago

I have a question, how can I use my pc to see it through oculus quest 2? Using the power of my clear computer

11 months ago

What does the charge show up as.

11 months ago

Thanks for creating this little gems. As sideloading does not work for my Oculus Quest 2, this games are the only ones to play in this genre. And they are quite good btw. Kudos!

1 year ago

Does the payment give access to all the games or just one?

myHTML5game SexyWaifus
1 year ago
Reply to  Batman444

Just the one game. For the price, VRporn may have a better merit for a month or two.
This shop is meant for a better communication with the developer.

1 year ago

Ok thanks